The Pug

Strange but lovable

General Care

  • Fawn Pugs have a double coat, with a soft undercoat, and course, short top coat. The hair doesn't tangle or get matted, but does means they will shed like mad. Keep that in mind, and stock up on lint rollers. Having a pug sitting on your lap just before you need to go somewhere is a bad idea.

  • Because of the shedding, weekly brushing is advised. It feels good for them too, so win-win!

  • Pugs notoriously hate having their feet messed with. Not sure why, but it is something to keep in mind. Playing and touching their paws at an early age will greatly ease nail trimming in the future. Same thing with the ears!

  • Those face wrinkles are cute, but can hide nasty fungus and bacteria if not cleaned out on a weekly basis. It's astonishing how much crud and debris can accumulate in there. They won't like it at first, and will really resist you, but eventually they'll learn how good it feels. If not done, those air-tight wrinkles will develop nasty infections, so keep em clean!

  • Always measure out their food. Its very easy to over feed a pug, then you end up with an overweight, unhealthy dog. This can happen pretty quick, due to their lazy lifestyle.